Illustrator, Film professional
Hola! I'm an artist in the making. I love cheese sandwich, my family, filming and art.

Live from the tree!

Hi! It's me Indianpantera.

I have come from the jungles to complete a task. Write my story.
Since I'm a cub I've spent endless days reading and drawing my favorite things in the world. I've draw Gandalf, horses and even a vampire comic. One time I tried some zombie cows for a film but that didn't quite fly.

What DID fly though, was my paws all the way from Chile to India! Needed a breath and I got it. Over there in the land of the Rajput and Bengal Tiger I met my mate, and decided to stay and explore the spice jungles of India.

So much exploration made me forget of my first love: the arts. In one of my walks in the Himalayas, while pondering at the white snow I thought: I really, REALLY want to draw again. But how do I keep up? And then it all came together: my explorations, in a thing, a souvenir, a mug? what about a shirt!? why? So I can see people wearing my artwork! I'm not an arts major, so I won't hold myself for an expo in Tate modern...but THIS, I can do this, I will do this.

Came down the mountain wearing flip-flops from my deep meditation, connected to a 2G network at a local bazar and found Spreadshirt. I set my store and objective right there: I will draw the things I love, from the places I've been, and the things I've learnt.

After launching and all the hype, what's the plot's conflict? SALES. I never thought there was something harder than thermodynamics, but there is!ย  My little paws need heavy propulsion jetpacks for sales. I've learnt some from a few colorful books, but is not Lord of the Rings...

So I went to a tree and hang my tail pondering in deep meditation once more. Suddenly the Spreadshirt Challenge appeared, maybe this can help me by practice to put myself out there! So I joined and I'm not sure if I'm out there as such, but the process feels great, today I'm able to get a design ready in 3 days, to what used to take me a month!

So you already know, I'm drawing and designing from different jungles for love and for standing in my own 4 legs. Waving my tail at you!

Diana - Indianpantera
Visit my jungle store over here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/indianpantera/ย  or follow over there: https://www.instagram.com/indianpantera/
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Hola from Latinamerica!

I'm from Chile and joined Spreadshirt to put my illustrations into ''use''. Happy to show some of my work here!
I'm a professional filmmaker who turned into illustrations once I had to move between continents. Films are a major part of my life still, but it is my priority to become better than yesterday in my drawings...๏ปฟ ๏ปฟThis is a store that aims to show designs that resonate with our journey in between continents: Asia and South America. I center on the subject of magic, wildlife, flora, spiritual and such.ย 
Thanks for the opportunity
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