Colourfull illustrations with a smile
I am a freelance illustrator, animator, cartoonist and designer based in the Netherlands. I create illustrations, comics, (web)animations and designs for various projects and publications. In my webshop I sell colourful illustrations with a smile

New design

Hi there,

I made a new design based on a sketch (the second picture) my grandfather made years ago. I transferred it to vector and published it on different media. It’s now available in the spreadshop of (site dedicated to the work of my grandfather) Feel free to post feedback on the design.

I published the artwork on different t-shirts. But as this is a black design it can’t be printed on dark/black colour. After selecting the different clothing I have to switch off the colours I don’t want. I have to do this for every product I choose. And that’s a lot of work. I was wondering if it wasn’t possible to do this in an easyer way? 

Greetings from Holland and Belgium.


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Print on demand

Can anyone tell me why most print on demand sites are based in the USA? 

I am based in Holland (but I am from Belgium). It’s almost impossible to find a pod service in these country’s. The is a Dutch “ spreadshop” site but it looks like my products ar printed in the USA? 

New spreadshop

Ok, I already introduced myself at the beginning of this community. But I made a third spreadshop and I thought why not introduce it ...

The new shop is part of the website This site is dedicated to the work of my grandfather Pieter Ringoot (1921 - 2011) and my father in law, Dutch illustrator and painter Hans Sturris.

You can find the shop here;!/

With a sale in the shop of “Galerie Ringoot” you help me to maintain the website and keep the heritage of my familie alive.

At the moment the site is in Dutch (witch I hope isn’t a big problem for the users of this community since the site is about watching the art of Pieter and Hans) in the near future I will try to translate the site to English (and French)

Want to see my other shops?!/ (my own cartoons and illustrations on mugs)!/ (my personal, collorfull illustrations on different media) 

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Design Collection feedback.

I made a new design collection called "Witchcraft".  

Question 1
I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback about it. No need to tell me about the good things. I can only make it better if you tell me what is wrong with it, what you don't like about it or what I should change to make it a better "Spreadshop and spreadshirt design". 

Question 2
What is the best practice to post these designs. Some of theme are posters, others fit on shirts, others on mugs or phone cases. However it is one "collection"   

Greetings from Holland,

Greetings from Holland.

We are almost in total quarantine at the moment. We have to stay at home, work from home and off tomorrow stay indoors between 8.30pm and 5 am...

Luckily I don’t have much problems with all the restrictions. I have an inspiring studio home and it gives me plenty of time to do the things I like... and that’s drawing and designing. 

Anyway... as mentioned in another topic I have some spreadshops since September 2020. Before starting these shops I tried other pop (print on demand sites) sites. I found out that Spreadshop and Spreadshirt worked best for me. 

One thing I am missing (and worked better on the other sites) is the ability to upload and use different versions of the same design. (For example phone cases with different heights) Off course I can upload different versions and use them on different products. For me it would be easier to have those different versions grouped together in one design. 

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New product

Definitely need “puzzels” and “greeting cards”. Especially now while we are in quarantine... 😀
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Here is a question.

I can ask anything so here is a question;

What do you guy’s think I have to change to improve my shop’s and get more sales. Until now I sold 1 t-shirt.!/!/

My introduction

Hi there and greetings from Holland. I am new to this site so here is my introduction. (I hope my English is good enough)

I am a freelance illustrator, animator, cartoonist, graphic & 3 dimensional designer.

I create illustrations, comics, (web)animations, graphic designs and 3D designs for various clients, projects and publications. As a graphic designer, I am specialized in designing, editing and printing large format graphics and applications. I studied Animation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. (Belgium0. After 10 years in living in Bruges, I moved in 2003 to the Netherlands.

The last years I created lots of work. In September 2020 I started exploring the possibility’s of spreadshop. Below you can find the results of 4 mounths of work. I created two shops. One is dedicated to mugs. (They are in Dutch)!/!/

Both shops are part of the shop on my website witch you can find here;

It was a bit of trial and error. I had no experience in creating a webshop. I am especially here to find feedback from others. This way I hope to improve my shops’s 

Stef Ringoot

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