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This may be a very dumb question, but once I've clicked on a product (and tried out many colors of garments with a design), how do I quickly return to the main design page? 
The design name at the top doesn't breadcrumb back to the design page, and I have to click the back button however many times I clicked on different colored garments to finally get back to where I started. 
On PC, I normally open a new tab for every item, but since most shoppers are on mobile, I thought it worth asking if I'm missing an easier way to breadcrumb back.  Thank you!  😎

Editing Designs

Are there any plans to allow shop owners to edit their published designs?

I often find the need to tweak colors or make minor edits in designs, so I have to re-upload it as a new design and delete the old one.  Sounds simple...but then I have to re-organize my designs and add the new design to its appropriate topic in the shop, delete all links to the old product (Facebook, YouTube merch shelf, my website), and create all new links while waiting days for YouTube to find and approve the edited design.
I'm guessing the main issue is how editing designs might affect purchased items in production, but I thought it worth asking.  Thank you!  😊  
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What's up, everybunny?!  I'm Diane from Hook's Hollands here in Ohio, USA.  I raise a small herd of Holland lop bunnies on our farm and have shared bunny care information on my website and YouTube channel since 2015. 

Recently, after seeing D.J. interviewed on Danial Batal's YouTube channel, I decided to stop procrastinating creating my own merch and opened a Spreadshop on the first of this year.  I've been feverishly creating bunny-themed designs...hop on over and take a look:  https://shop.spreadshirt.com/hooks-hollands/

As a new Spreadshop user, I'm eager to learn the tips and tricks veterans have to offer to help keep this experience fun and profitable.  Cheers! 

If you don't own a bunny, this design probably isn't remotely humorous, but suffice it to say that cecotropes are a type of bunny poop that bunnies eat for probiotic benefits and are essential to their digestive health.  You're welcome.  ;)

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