Tara Doe

Hi! I am a person. I am just like you, but different. :)

Selfish Imposter

Dear Diary,

I have realised that I do not deserve any sales. When I design, I do not think about my customer. I am selfish because I think about me. I like many things, such as cats, dogs, flowers, and so much more. The worst is that I like everything equally. I would have no problems choosing my niche, if only I could go against my nature.

On paper I cannot draw, except my famous smiley face that I have drawn countless times since I was a child. It makes me happy.

My goal was to give to people the same feeling I get when I look at something that I have digitally drawn. Well, I have failed. Although, looking at my art I do not see someone that has no skill. Some arts are better than others, but I do okay. Sales are irrelevant... just kidding. Yeah 😁

I will settle with: My art is unique and I am unique, but no one is going to see that until I'll be gone. Boom. Hope. 🀭

I have started drawing in the beginningΒ  of December, 2020
I am a beginner is what I am.
My time will come.
Now is not my time.
Practise, practise and another shot of that.

My Dear Diary,

I cannot tell you why I am doing this, but maybe when my story will matter, I will tell.

With love... nah... bye.


(hand drawn by me) (my hand's skill in a nutshell)Β 

It would be a bit better if I would want for it to be a bit betterπŸ˜‚ I am an imposter. 😬
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Two pending designs in my shop and in the marketplace.

Is that normal? I had pending designs for the marketplace but never for my shop. Those are two Easter designs if that matters.Β 

Today I uploaded another Easter design and that one is fine.



I opened a shop because I have too much time on my hands, and I just simply love creating graphic designs. It is fun and enjoyable. I hope that people would enjoy my designs as much as me.

P.S. I opened my shop approximately a month ago and I've had zero visitors so far. Lol.

Kind regards,


Here is link: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/onlyyellow1
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