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Swedish Surface designer and Food Illustrator - might contain traces of puns
Hi again! I also posted an image to Instagram promoting 20% off this weekend 😊
I recently released a new mini collection in Swedish, based on some of my bestsellers. Promoted it on Instagram with a mockup from Placeit 😊

And you can view the collection here:

Agree! I would love to see these products at Spreadshirt too!! 😍 And different types of art prints with matte finish and thicker paper. Also greetings card would be great πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Posted this on Instagram... customer image and a little review

ο»Ώ SoCal Cup & Saucer ο»Ώ Thank you so much! Yes there is nothing like Swedish candy and fika 😍 with a cup of tea of course πŸ‘Œ
My instagram account for is: but I don't update regularly because I've another art and design account where I post more often. I have been thinking of combining them and only use my design account though πŸ™‚
Oh I love tea and love your designs 😍