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Designer and Illustrator,
Swedish Surface designer and Food Illustrator - might contain traces of puns

POKLON - the story...

I’m Aminah, a Swedish designer and illustrator but most importantly a mother of 4 and of course I love to buy cute baby clothes, especially the ones with the text ”I love mum” πŸ˜„ Buuut one thing I noticed was that these only came in one language - often English. And therefor I decided to design my own baby clothes in different languages, to make these types of clothes available for more people. And most importantly, to make more people feel included.Β 

Even though I love to design and create products I’m not so much for packaging and shipping and therefor I started looking for POD options. Since I live in Sweden and wanted to have good shipping options and production in Europe I chosed Spreadshirt 😍 The quality of the clothing is great and the shipping is fast πŸ‘ŒπŸ» And since Spreadshirt handle all the customer service as well I can focus on the thing I love - designing!Β 

I launched my shop POKLON ( in January 2020 and have had a few sales since then both in my shop and from the marketplace. I have learnt what sells and now I know more about which products I should focus on. My biggest challenge has been the marketing through social media and also to find time to add new products. That’s the reason I joined the Spreadshop Launch challenge, to get that push to market my shop and spend more time on it in order to increase my sales!Β 

My spreadshirt shop:Β 

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I’m an illustrator and designer from Sweden. I launched my Spreadshop POKLON in the beginning of 2020 as a passion project. In this shop I sell cute and funny designs in different languages. Currently I have designs in Swedish, English, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish and Kurdish and I’m planning to add more languages during 2021.Β 

I made a few sales during 2020 but now I’m joining this challenge to help me improve my shop and find more success with POD :)Β 

Link to my shop:Β 

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