How to get a link that shows all hoodies

that is both mens, ladies, childrens etc. with just one link...
and how do i find out similar links for other categories like all t-shirts etc.?ο»Ώ

servers uptime status?

rightnow the EU-servers are down, are there any place we can watch status right now so we know if its local or not?

new shop didnt get indexed after a while

first my new shop got indexed by google in search console and then it didnt get any indexing after 5 days, i submitted an sitemap to Google search Console before i found in your old forum that you dont recommend doing that so now i removed sitemap but will my shop get indexed and listed in Google or do i have to do something else...maybe delist in search console and submit it again? ο»Ώ
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Can we collect emailadresses from our shops?

if we uses our own emailservices and puts in the code for it in htmlcode-section for footer or header etc.
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same design in same language on all EU-marketplaces?

if for example i have put up some designs on (Norway)Β 
some of them can turn up on (Italy) but not all. what makes that difference? if i use tags with different languages suiting all EUmarketplaces shouldnt the design turn up on all different EUmarketplaces then? if they are automatic translated i cant do that...

Lets say there is many Norweigens in Italy i want to sell to (with Norweigen design/text)
If a Norweigen living in Italy surf to he can choose from either .no or .it marketplace when entering site but isnt printing and delivering faster to Italy when ordering from .it marketplace then when ordering from .no marketplace? I mean if there isnt any norweigen textdesigns on italy-marketplace...

how to be sure my designs are not violiting copyright och trademark?

is it enough to search a text/word/image in either of these to be sure ?
ο»Ώ ο»Ώ

google says noindex on embedded wordpress shop

is that because of me using shop in root of my domain so the URL contains the /#!/ ?
google says it cant index some of my own posted wordpress-pages (not the shops pages - that i know doesnt get indexed all of them)

Affiliateprogram fΓΆr spreadshop...

when someone clicks on the affiliatelink in my shops footer will i get a $3 commission?
if so do i need to put my sharesale affiliatelink in somewere or do you automate the tracking and transfer money to my account anyway?
-"Using the affiliate link
Recommend Spreadshop and earn money. It's easy with our affiliate program. Register with our affiliate partner ShareASale and search for Spreadshop under "Search for Merchants". Then you can sign up.

You can copy your affiliate link from "Merchant Status". Then share the link with everyone who is interested in Spreadshop and wants to open their own Shop. You can use your own Spreadshop, blog, website, social networks or newsletter to share it. If someone registers with Spreadshop using this link, your account will be automatically credited with $3.00 USD. You don't have to do anything else."

difference forum and community?

hi! just found this and it seems prommising. i havent seen any links to this my first month learning the ropes so i posted and read tips at but thought it seems dead sadly but this seems more active <3 but whats the difference between them both?