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I love scandinavia ! I started to use Spreadshirt marketplace in 2018, today I would like to promote my NEW shop: with the scandinavian artworks with northern lights, winter scenery, ... Welcome !

Product preview

Hey fellow artists, Jessica Stansberry, @D.J ,  Lauren Virgin ,

In th new weekly challenge we saw some inspiration from  Jessica Stansberry  

"Looks like she chose the teaser/header module, product view module, and then design view module. Pretty simple and clean, but really pleasing to look at."

I would like to know how we are able to show different artworks in the 'Product Preview', just like Jessica did: 

When I activate it, I get this result:

Thank you for your reply!
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Aurealis creatief
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Multiple design versions of 1 artwork

Hello !  I'm so happy to join this community, since I love to work with spreadshirt! I did not introduce myself in the challenge yet... but I have a question already.  I hope this item is relevant as a topic in the community ...

My question: Will there be the possibility to upload multiple design versions of 1 artwork in the near future?
I would like to upload a cut-out image for the shirts, but for the posters I would like to upload a squared version.   

Have a look here, as you can see:
Will this be a update to the platform soon/in the near future?  And will we be able to change the current artworks after this upgrade?

Best regards!
Keep up the good work!  
Aurealis Creatief
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