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Your Shop Has A New URL

Google placed this mail in my spam folder and super-warned me about opening it due to it looking like a phishing email.
Is this email legit and from Spreadshirt? 🤔

Translated templates in PDF format.

I wouldn't mind seeing templates for things like posters properly translated to English, and available in PDF format. Not everybody uses Adobe-product$.

Back to school, eh?

Before there was the Shop Launch Challenge, we had a few people vigorously ask for merch, and when we launched our store, the people who wanted it the most, bought nothing. But now we at least have a store, right, and it's super important to have all things available and within reach. Now we are ready.
When the Shop Launch Challenge presented itself, we joined thinking; "Who knows if we will reach a larger audience for our music, comics and merch? Maybe pick up a trick or two on the way?"
Since we are indeed a musical act of sorts, it's only logical that our ideal customer is a proud supporter of our art, who wants to show us off to other people. At the moment it's pretty much a cult thing though, not that we don't like our cult status, but stepping into the proverbial limelight wouldn't be too bad either.
So far there aren't any hurdles that are too high, but there were a couple tasks we just opted not to do, because they didn't fit our bill. That sounded a bit more high and mighty than intended.
A magic wand you say? What wouldn't you do with a magic wand? I mean, depends if it's an Alla-Kazoop type wand or a Avada Kedavra type wand.
Let's assume it's the former. I mean, it's a magic wand we are talking about here, so you could be crass and just go for the big time, high roller outcome and call forth a Scrooge McDuck type Money Bin, but that would be boring, so let's say the thing we mentioned in the beginning of this little write-up, getting introduced to a larger audience.
Our hub of information begins here:
There you got your Discography, Comics, Merch Store Link, Music Player and what not.

p.s. It's very interesting and enlightening to see what you other creators out there are doing, and the different ways you are doing it in.
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US/EU shop mirroring.

Shop mirroring. Does it exist? Are you working on it? An easy way for us in another region to mirror our store to the US or vice versa without having to add and configure every single product, one by one?
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Preset shapes for stickers.

Preset shapes for stickers. Are you working on it? We have a few designs that will not cut out properly unless we upload a separate design just for a sticker, with its own border. So, having an option to select a circle, rectangle, star, what have you, as the cutout preset for the stickers, that would be great.
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Greetings Creators!

We're Plasmingo, the teenage bedroom band (from Sweden), that never got out of the bedroom. Needless to say we aren't teenagers any more. Since the 80's when we were making our crappy cassette demos in our respective bedrooms we dreamed of releasing a record, but not until 2014 we finally dared to dip our toes, and fell head first in the deep end. Our Catalogue now consists of 6 records of all manner of genres. We joined the challenge to see if we can grow our platform from obscure-cult to maybe-not-totally-unknown. 
Our Spreadshirt-merch consist of Images from our albums and our comic books (which all can be found on our website ).
Well met and good luck everybody.
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