Doggyshop-keeper: Lene Daugaard. Danish illustrator and painter. I love dogs, and they are one of my top favorite motifs to draw and paint. My Doggyshop have visits of other kind of animals too.


I love dogs. And I love to draw and paint them. I want all doglovers to be able to find awesome dogdesigns. Maybe even in my shop: https://lenedaugaard.dk/shop/spreadshirt-doggyshop.html#!/

Multiple versions of 1 design New Q

This Question was answered in another thread, but replier misunderstood the point of the question:
What I miss is uploading different versions of the same design, but in the same "window of products". Try to explain: I upload a design "x". I am now in the Product view window, and in this same procedure, I can upload the design in another version for mugs(wrap around) , stickers (had some issue with background-requirements) etc. So all different versions of design "x", are handled in ONE session/window with only having to name, add tags, description etc in ONE uploadsession ๐Ÿ˜‰ lots of time saved. Another user suggest ed being able to Edit online, different procedure, but for the same reason. Will this be possible at some point?ย 
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I think it would be nice to have a couple of models aged 40-60 in my shop. My own designs of dogs appeal to many people above 30.
I think this would benefit customers as well as Spreadshirt + many Shopowners.
What do you think ?ย 
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Hi fellow Spreadshirt Owners

I am Lene Daugaard. Doggyshop-keeper on Spreadshirt. https://shop.spreadshirt.dk/doggyshop.
I am a Danish illustrator and painter. I love dogs, and they are one of my top favorite motifs. I draw all kinds of animals, some appear in Doggyshop too. Beside drawing and painting, I like to read, walk in nature and watch movies.
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