Eric Martin

Teacher / Creator
Hello! First and foremost, I am a high school educator in the US. I love leading by example and inspiring my students to achieve things they didn't previously think possible. I am also a creative individual and am always seeking creative outlets!

First Week In!

So I've been learning more and more each time I log in to my shop!ย  I've figured out how to customize what shows on my shop page including the color of the product in order to make my designs really pop!ย  I'm always interested in learning more and taking things to the next level.ย  So if anybody has any cool shop tips and tricks, let me know!

I've set up Google Analytics in order to start tracking traffic.ย  I'm going to keep focusing on building up content and getting my shop looking its best before I get into promoting my shop.ย  But I'll definitely be back to solicit info about marketing ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have a moment, take a look and let me know what I could do to make this better.ยย 
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Newbie Here!

Hello all!ย 
I wanted to take a moment to say HI and to let you know that I'm brand new to this.ย  I'm a High School teacher by day and it has been a challenging year to say the least.ย  I was searching for a creative outlet, and I found the Spreadshop community.ย  My family is a huge fan of Schitt's Creek, and I often make references to the show while I'm teaching.ย  I decided to launch Funnyholic as a fan-based shop where people can find references (and hidden gems) to their favorite shows.ย  I decided to start with Schitt's Creek because that was our latest family binge.ย 
If you'd like to check it out:ยย 
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