Hello! I'm a free time illustrator. Only drawing for print-on-demand communities. I got in to this gig wanting to share my art that otherwise would lie hidden in a dark cabinet.

Flowers and cussings and other things

I think I did this last week πŸ˜‚ and here I go again...Β 

My story.Β 
Well, I am me. And I would be very sad if I tried to be anything else.Β 

Oh. I did try to do it all by the book.

I did the reading, the watching, and the listening to all the experts and more experienced P.O.D artists:
"follow the trends" and "choose a style" and "keep to ONE subject or theme" and "post every day"Β 


I don't think that I have to tell you that I failed in all of the above.Β 
And I didn't get any sales... Of course.Β 

Well @#%$ that!

I don't draw to make money. It never started out that way.Β 
I only wanted to share what I love with the world. My journey. And my joy of finally getting this love back.Β 

Yes. I actually have a sobbing backstory, but I won't write about that here.Β 
All you need to know is that I got the means to draw back in early 2017.Β 
Which is about the same time I opened my Spreadshop.Β 

And of course then nothing happened. I felt all the doubts, and felt like giving up. Maybe I wasn't talented enough? Because no one liked what I did, and no one seemed to find themselves in my shop.

But I didn't give up.Β 
I tried harder. Learned from my mistakes. Did some new ones. And after nine months of unappreciated hard work I did my first sale.Β 

After that some more months of nothing. And then my sales went up to once every two months, then once a month. And right now once a week.

Β Huzzah!Β 

I still haven't learned how to "keep to one theme or style".Β 
I draw whatever comes to mind.
That makes me happy. And it also makes my small, and slowly growing fan base happy.Β 

Weirdly enough, it's my weirdest designs that I loved the most making that get most sales... How about that?


My best highlights during these years havn't come from sales. Sure those are great too.Β 
But it's the comments from strangers thanking me for my weird art that has some how brightened up their day, that really gives me happiness.Β 

So let's all not get hung up on sales. Let's be happy and do what we love. The rest will follow.Β 

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Excited to be part of this!

This is quite exciting, before this challenge I've completely missed out on SpreadShop Community. 😎

So, a bit about me...

I live in the southern part of Sweden in a small town not many has heard about.
I opened a shop in SpreadShirt so I could share my art and progress, as I slowly work my way through physiotherapy. Yes, that last part sounded dramatic! 🎭
About four years back I went through surgery, both of my hands was, well, they didn't work right. For twelve years I couldn't draw or write, even holding a pen was agony to me.
I remember when my physiotherapist put a pencil in my hand and ordered me to draw. I remember the pain from every line, how my hand didn't seem to remember how to move, and the satisfaction as my first illustration in years took form... it was super ugly πŸ˜„
The first design I shared whit SpreadShop was "Swedish Unicorn" it's not a great pic, but i'm proud of it anyway.

My art has grown fast, and evolved from cute animals to down right weird stuff. I draw happy smiley things in peppy colors.Β 
I wan't to make people smile and laugh, finding something that talks to the childish part of them. Life can be though and painful, but we should all find a place for happiness and laughter.

I joined this challenge to learn more about being a shop owner. How do I make my self noticeable, and make great art?

Url to my shop:Β 

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