Owner, Bubba Creative
Hi everyone! I'm the owner of Bubba Creative, an internet company that makes fun iOS sticker apps and games. Check us out on the App Store!

Introduce Yourself - Michael from Bubba Creative

Hey everyone!

I'm Michael and I currently live in Sugar Land, TX (southwest suburb of Houston). I have always wanted to do something different and have been inspired by the small business owners and individuals who create their own work and are not afraid to follow their dreams and make their own path. I started a company called Bubba Creative, LLC which is an internet company that has created some iOS stickers apps and games. The original focus was on apps with hopes of one day creating physical merchandise.

I discovered Spreadshop in May 2020 and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to start creating merchandise from one of our favorite sticker apps, Powder Donut Co Stickers. We joined the Shop Launch Challenge to help us learn more and grow our brand. There is still more work to be done and we are always eager for a challenge!

Spreadshop link - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/bubba-creative-llc/

Good luck to everyone and nice to meet you!
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