Tap Togs

Tap Merchandise Created by Marlene & Karen
Fun & humorous shirts to wear while winging it, shuffling off to Buffalo, or wherever your tap shoes may take you. Marlene & Karen want to share their joy of tap dancing with the world!

TapTogs Tale

1.Β  Β  Marlene & Karen were motivated to join the challenge because we are novices in this arena.Β  It was basically a free seminar in marketing, and how can you pass up free?Β  We love all of the support Spreadshop is providing, and we all win when we’re successful.
2.Β  Β  Our ideal customer is anyone who loves to dance!
3.Β  Β  Our greatest challenge so far is that our first design was ripped off.Β  We were flattered that they wanted to copy it, but it gave us the idea to put our logo on all of our designs.Β  Also, a lot of tappers in our age bracket are not Instagram users.Β  Lastly, we always have that fear of looking silly when we post something, but our whole motto is to love who you are and not feel like you have to be perfect.Β  Enjoy your mistakes!
4.Β  Β  If we had a magic wand we would want to grow our followers on Instagram.
5.Β  Β  You can find TapTogs on Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube (all @TapTogs – as well as on our Spreadshirt Shop https://shop.spreadshirt.com/taptogs/.Β  We would like to give a shout out to American Tap Dance Foundation for keeping the history, training and tap dance alive in New York City; Collins Eke @LivintheTapLife for his never ending support on Instagram; and Spreadshop.Β  Find joy in what you do and spread it!!!
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Who out there loves tap dancing?

ο»ΏHi!Β  We’re Marlene & Karen from TapTogs in colorful Colorado!Β  We want to share our love ofΒ  tap dancing with the world.Β  Check out our shop, and we post us dancing on Instagram regularly.
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